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that moment when that moment arrives
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holy cow feathers

go go gadget correspondence, man

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beer - food + new audio recording gadget + scairy christian record = eeps

i'm going to watch a scairy dream lecture a little later, but i'm in a musical mood, so righ now i have the wombles on, and their good. if they transfered them to cd, i recomend "womble songs" and "remember your a womble", which i think were their first albums, before they went downhill somewhat

well, blessed be
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is anypony else have trouble with it?

i go to the page, it says that there is some sort of comunication error, and basicly that the site is down. it has been this was since yesterday

just curiouse bcause i havn't seen anything written about it. is this a problemmy end, or is the site down for everypony?

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well, at least i should be abl to get on with it soon enough now

so, i took some video footage. pretty random stuff. i wanted to take all of that video footage and commentate over it. then upload the commentated video

so, to to make the scenes into one movie, burn to a dvd, use a different camera - as it has good sound and i don't have a decent voice recorder - to commentate as i watch it. and marry the two together. simple. the footage was shot on sunday, so why is it thursday and i'm still doing this?

its mainly this; the camera i shot the footage with, which employs a mini dvd based system, can also take still photo's, but only at less then a megapixal so i never use that function. but this time i thought i'd experiment

oddly, the camera does not use SD cards to store the photos. many DVD camcorders do. this one stores them in a separate folder on the DVD, as JPEGs. you can then use some more in camera functionality to add these photo's to your DVD movie. you select each photo, ask it to "convert to scene", and the photo will show up for five second at whatever point your at in the movie. i probably took about 15 photo's, of which i converted five

what i didn't realise is that the stupid this only actually records one frame of photo, and some code to instruct the DVD player to pause for five seconds. its that code that messed me up i believe. everytime i tried to burn phase one of the finished article to a dvd, it would go for ten minutes, and then say "aborted by user". so i tried to have the movie as a windows media file, and then burn that to a dvd, which just about worked, but of course when i played it back, thats when i discovered that my still images had been rendered as about two seconds of black screen. also, the only way i know hoe to retain the correct aspect ratio is to save in HD. so the movie that will eventually be uploaded into youtube will have been shot at DVD quality, and stepped up to 720 HD. which to be fair, while not ideal, is better imho

so yeah. i had to take the original dvd from the camera, which thankfully i still had, whack that in my beloved 286, play it there for reference as i reinserted the stills from the JPEGs into the original movie files. in other words, i started over, but rather then use the image movies, which thankfully were their own files, i used the original JPEGs

THEN i decide to stick the rest of the stills at the end, i know i'm going to be rabbiting till past the end anyways. the rest of the movie is already saved to HD, so i made another little movie slideshow thingie of the stills, saved that to 720 so that i don't get frame size hassle, and now i'm burning the two elements to my final phase one DVD

i drivel over that, then mix my new sound recording to the same two elements, save that to 720 again which will take forever, then should finally have what i came for

ah well, keeps me busy i suppose  :)

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Would you uproot your life and move to another city for someone that you love?




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a small square chamber, i suppose, with the expected, small brown rounded pebble

surprisingly, however, a staircase leading down into what is known to be a labyrinth. it is, of course, as dark as all hell

bring it on

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